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Nervous Patients

It is not uncommon for people to suffer from dental phobia, which can mean they haven’t seen a dentist for years. We sometimes hear from patients in their twenties or thirties or even older who haven’t been to the dentist since childhood.

The good news is that at Bay House Dental Practice we understand. We realise that kindness, gentleness and listening to your concerns can do a lot to make dental treatment an acceptable, normal part of life. Talk to us about how we can make your dental treatment stress-free.

We can use the following techniques to make you more comfortable:

The Wand

We offer an “injection” free anaesthetic using The Wand. The process involves delivering very small amounts of dental anaesthetic around the tooth to be treated under pressure controlled by a computer. Only a small amount of pressure is felt during the delivery with very little anaesthetic after effects. If you are interested please contact us at the practice on 029 2023 1258 or click the Appointment button below.

Intravenous Sedation

Intravenous conscious sedation involves the use of a medicine called midazolam to manage your anxiety about treatment and to enable you to tolerate dental treatment you might otherwise feel is too much to manage.

Sedation is very safe and very effective for patients who get anxious about treatment. It is also suitable for patients who may need lengthy or difficult procedures.

The sedation we provide removes anxiety so that even though you are awake, you won’t worry or care about the treatment you are having. Quite often it provides memory loss so that time may seem to pass very quickly and you may not remember the treatment afterwards.

If you feel that having sedation might help you to look after your teeth, please contact us for an assessment or just to ask further questions.

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