Price List

Price List

Our prices can be found in the list. However these may be subject to change and are only an estimate for treatment that is straightforward depending on the case.

Some procedures may be more complicated and take much longer to complete and this may then alter the fee charged. We will always keep you informed if the costs change during your course of treatment.

Payment Plans

For a monthly payment of between £19.82 and £51.39 your treatment costs can be covered to include all check-up, scale & polish, x-ray, root filling and filling fees on Denplan Care. (Additional costs would include any laboratory items and any cosmetic or orthodontic treatment required.) See our Payment Plans page for further information.

Treatment(s) Prices
New Patient Examinations £68.00
Routine Examination £46.00
Single Visit Scale & Polish £55.00
X-rays From £8.00
White Composite Filling From £80.00
Silver Amalgam Fillings From £75.00
Incisor Root Filling (1 Root) From £215.00
Incisor Root Filling (2 Root) From £275.00
Incisor Root Filling (3 Root) From £395.00
Extraction From £95.00
White Porcelain Cerec Crown From £455.00
Porcelain Bonded Crown From £455.00
Veneer From £465.00
Bleaching (At Home) Per Arch From £165.00
Single Acrylic (Plastic) Denture From £355.00
Full Upper and Lower Denture From £475.00
Metal Based (Colbalt Chrome) Denture From £750.00
Conscious Sedation (Excl. Treatment Cost) From £147.00
Mouth Guards From £95.00
Bite Guard From £110.00

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